Prepare Your Pets For A Hurricane With This Helpful Disaster Kit(ten) Check List

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A hurricane isn’t going to hold off until you are comfortable leaving your home. Often times, pet parents in storm-prone areas can be caught off guard, and that means some animals may be left behind.

Even when given a few days notice, relocating your family to drier land is a much easier said than done. And that’s made all the more complicated when animals are in the mix.

Photo: AdobeStock/Grigorita Ko You don't want to wind up underwater when a hurricane comes through.

Photo: AdobeStock/Grigorita Ko
You don’t want to wind up underwater when a hurricane comes through.

Thanks to the Humane Society of the United States, we have this very cute video to help us be prepared for an actual emergency. As pet parents it is our duty to make sure they are well taken care of too. And this kitten, with his little bandanna on, is the cutest little ambassador!

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