Mini Horse Left Disabled From Snake Bite Gets A New Wheelchair

Life is full of adversity, and, for some people, it could result in a life-changing circumstance. Apparently, the same thing can also happen to animals, as is the case with Teaspoon, the mini horse. Teaspoon may only have been alive for five months but she has seen her fair share of adversity during that time.

Walkin’ Pets by is a leading provider of pet mobility equipment. They said that when Teaspoon was younger, a venomous snake bit her on the back of the hoof. This left Teaspoon disabled.

The mini horse’s hind leg was necrotic and needed to be amputated due to the snake bite. After being diagnosed, the former owners of Teaspoon realized that she needed some special care after the operation and they wouldn’t be able to provide it.

Panda Paws Rescue was contacted by the owners and they said they would help the little horse. The rescue then turned around and got in contact with Goats of Anarchy, a New Jersey-based farm animal rescue to help further. They worked together to transport Teaspoon from Louisiana to Goats of Anarchy, a rescue focuses on taking care of farm animals with special needs.

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Walkin’ Pets was alerted to the five months of problems that Teaspoon was having and they wanted to help. The parts were donated to create the full-support Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. It marks the first time that such a wheelchair was built for a horse. The frame was donated by Panda Paws.

According to Walkin’ Pets, Teaspoon has already been on a few practice walks and is doing quite well. Since she was able to get familiar with the wheelchair now, it will help her to use it easier once her leg is ready for it post-amputation.

Teaspoon has since gotten her mobility back thanks to her new prosthetic limb!

Teaspoon has had a difficult journey but she also has had many supporters along the way. They are confident that she will continue to heal and do quite well in the future.

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