Failed Cattle Dog Befriends Adorable Disabled Calf

When Cupcake the calf was born, she was known as a “downed calf.” This meant that she came out with crooked front legs which did not correct themselves as she grew. Unfortunately, this meant that her mobility was greatly affected. While the calf might have had a rough start, she did find plenty of love and support through Genia Kay Meyer and her dog, Bo.

Meyer lives out in Peavine, Oklahoma. She was first introduced to Cupcake after her cousin was unable to care for the baby calf. After taking on the responsibility of the calf, Meyer launched a GoFundMe page to put towards Cupcake’s care. While Meyer has been very consistent about giving the calf plenty of care, the one who has never ever left Cupcake’s side is her faithful friend Bo. As Meyer shared with KFOR, the very first day that the cow and the pup met, it was an instant connection.

Meye and her husband Tim brought Bo into the family in order to help them herd cattle. Sadly for Bo, it didn’t quite work out. It turned out that the pup would get sick every time that he’d ride in the truck, meaning it was nearly impossible for him to reach the cattle herds that he needed to watch over. The positive that came out of it was the fact that Bo was free to watch over Cupcake all the time.

Meyer shared that the pair spend the majority of their time together playing or snuggling. They are clearly very dedicated to one another and have an incredibly strong friendship. Feeling happy about the pair’s bond, Meyer decided to create a Facebook page for the friends in order to share their connection with the world. They’ve already surpassed 1,000 loyal followers who constantly comment, like, and share the photos and videos on their page.

Currently, Meyer and her husband are trying to help Cupcake work through the troubles with her legs, citing that they’ve had past success with other downed calves being able to “to right themselves and grow properly.” While there is still the prospect of Cupcake needing surgery, even that isn’t a guaranteed fix to the issues. Still, Meyers was happy to share that the GoFundMe had already exceeded its $1,000 goal.

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Even though Cupcake’s future is still a little up in the air, the baby calf is lucky to have a friend who is always willing to be by her side. No matter what, Cupcake will always have a wonderful companion in her life.

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