Disabled, Orphaned Baby Alpaca Gifted A Wheelchair So She Can Walk Again

An orphaned and disabled baby alpaca in Germany was gifted the ability to walk again, thanks to a custom wheelchair.

A woman in Germany first saw the little disabled alpaca while visiting a friend’s farm, according to KSN.

The alpaca, named Marie-Hope, had two severely damaged back legs due to a traumatic birth in which her mom and sister died. When Ronja Pohl saw the helpless alpaca, she knew she wanted to do anything she could to help her.

Photo: YouTube/The Animal Reader

20-year-old Pohl immediately offered to adopt Marie-Hope and brought the little orphaned alpaca back to the farm where she works in Frankfurt.

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Upon arriving home with Marie-Hope, Pohl scheduled an appointment with the veterinarian to have her evaluated. The vet did what they could to save her damaged legs, but one needed to be amputated.

Photo: YouTube/The Animal Reader

According to Reuters, Pohl said, “She was hopping around as if she wanted to show everyone she has a strong character and wants to live even if two of her legs are injured.”

The veterinarian got Pohl in touch with a company that creates custom wheelchairs for animals. They were able to fit Marie-Hope with a wheelchair that allowed her to get around the farm with the other animals!

Photo: YouTube/The Animal Reader

“As soon as she can carry weight on her third leg, she will get an artificial limb and join my boyfriend’s alpaca herd to live a normal alpaca life,” Pohl said, according to Reuters.

Photo: YouTube/The Animal Reader

Watch the sweet video below:

The world could use more people like Ronja Pohl who are willing to go above and beyond to care for those in need. Thanks to her, sweet little Marie-Hope has a new chance at living a normal life with other alpacas and that is the best gift anyone could give her.

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