Woman Discovers That The ‘Cute Puppy’ She Found In Her Yard Is Actually An Endangered Animal

Imagine going out to your backyard one day and finding an adorable little puppy? Sounds like the best way to start a morning right?

Well, one woman from Bright, Australia heard whimpering outside her home. After investigating, she discovered a cute little puppy. However, it wasn’t actually a puppy in her back garden, it was actually a dingo.

Photo: Instagram / @wandi_dingo

Naturally, the woman had to post her story to Facebook, writing, “I woke up this morning hearing a whimpering on my bush block, l can’t tell if it’s a fox or a dog.”

Along with her post, she shared a few cute pictures of the pup, and thus ensued a debate as to what kind of species the pint-sized canine actually was.

Photo: Instagram / @wandi_dingo

Since she was unable to figure out herself if she’d found a dog or a fox, the woman took the little furball to the Alpine Animal Hospital. There, staff conducted a DNA test, and in the meantime, sent him to the Australian Dingo Foundation’s sanctuary in order to be cared for while waiting on the results.

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As it turns out, the little guy – now called Wandi – did, in fact, turn out to be a dingo. It’s presumed that he most likely ended up in the woman’s garden after being dropped by an eagle. What a big adventure for a little cutie like Wandi!

Photo: Instagram / @wandi_dingo

The sanctuary revealed the news through Instagram, posting, “After weeks of anxious waiting, results from UNSW’s genetics lab revealed Wandi is a 100 percent pure Victoria highlands dingo. Wandi will become part of our breeding program, adding new genes to increase the strength and diversity of our captive insurance population of pure dingoes we have at our sanctuary. We believe Wandi was stolen by an eagle and dropped as he had sustained wounds on his back, and his nails were worn down suggesting he had traveled far on foot before being found.”

Veterinarian Dr. Bec Day said to abc.au, “He was a puppy when he was brought to us, so about eight to ten weeks. He had a mark on his back and there were no other pups nearby. The resident hadn’t heard any [other dingos] calling. So, he was just a lonely little soul sitting in a backyard. He was adorable, serious puppy cuteness. No fear of people at all. He was quite calm about the whole process.”

Photo: Instagram / @wandi_dingo

If you’re like me and you think little Wandi is the cutest thing ever, then we have some good news. The sanctuary set up Wandi with his very own Instagram page, so if you want to keep up with his new life and adventures you can go follow his page. It’s already been updated with plenty of cute pictures!

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