Farmer Dumped Newborn Calf On Side Of A Road To Die, But His Rescuers Made Him Feel Safe

Animal Aid got a call that a dairy farmer had just dumped a newborn calf on the side of the road in India. Male calves born in dairy farms around the world are taken from their mother right after birth, just so they won’t drink any of their mother’s milk.

This calf was so young that he was still wet from the afterbirth! Rescuers wrapped him up in blankets and rushed him back to their sanctuary to feed him milk. Staff did everything they could to make sure this baby knew that he was now safe and extremely loved.

They decided to name him Dil, which means “heart” in Hindi. As the days went on, he grew bigger and stronger. After two months in the baby pen, they moved him in with the bigger cows. He got along with them great, running around and playing. If it weren’t for these rescuers, this calf would have died on the side of the road, but now he gets to live a long and happy life!

Watch this calf’s journey in the video below:

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