Man Opens A Natural Scents Shop After Dog Nearly Dies From Reed Diffuser

Tim Rundle-Wood, an entrepreneur from London, was winding down from the excitement of his recent move when he made a choice that would change his life forever.

Settling into his new apartment, he started a reed diffuser with a sweet, synthetic smell to create a relaxing ambiance in the space. His pup, Henry, loved the smell.

But when he got closer and took a deep sniff, Rundle-Wood could tell that something was immediately wrong. “My dog, Henry, almost died from toxic shock after he sniffed a Reed diffuser – which turned out to be caused by synthetic fragrances,” he told Micro Biz Mag.

Photo: Unsplash/Brooke Cagle

“Even though we think they’re not eating it, unless it spills, just diffusing into the air can be a respiratory irritant,” Dr. Allison Fields, a veterinarian at VCA Murphy Road Animal Hospital told Nashville’s News Channel 5.

“A lot of problems that we see are respiratory issues. We can see drooling, vomiting, lethargy, they can also act like they’re drunk. We call that ataxia, and we can also see some that cause liver failure,” Fields added, recommending that those concerned about their pet should, if in the US, call the pet poison control helpline.

Photo: Unsplash/Neil Cooper

Henry had become glassy-eyed and nonresponsive. After he rushed his dog to the vet, Rundle-Wood began to brainstorm a way to make pet-friendly fragrances at home.

He eventually expanded his practice to open the business Twoodle Co, which now sells “a collection of natural home scents” online and at their store location in Shoreditch:

Some essential oils are toxic to pets when consumed or diffused. Cats and birds, especially, lack an essential enzyme in their liver to process these ingredients.

Consulting a veterinarian when introducing a diffuser can be helpful, as can keeping the oils out of reach or in an area your pet can’t access. Learn more about the risks and benefits of diffusers and pets here!

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