Dog Was Locked In A Crate In An Abandoned Home For 2 Weeks. Then, His Hero Showed Up

A dog was abandoned inside a vacant house for at least two weeks, trapped inside a crate with no food or water, living in his own waste.

Thankfully, a man named Ramon Rodriguez made his way in the Philadelphia home, which was left behind by addicts, and saw the poor pit bull. Rodriguez opened the cage, and the dog did nothing but lick him.

Rodriguez had received the tip about the dog the day before; he’s well-known around town for saving many different types of animals, all whom have been abused or abandoned. He has taken many of those animals into his home to live with him while he cares for them.

The pit bull, now named Diesel, is healthy and doing well. Rodriguez is hoping to find him a loving forever home so he never has to go through that ever again.

Diesel is currently being evaluated by the Pennsylvania SPCA and once they get the ok, he will be put up for adoption.

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