Cat Loves The Snow So Much That His Owner Brings It Inside The House

It was November of 2016 when Nate Troy made a new friend.

A stray tabby who hung out at a parking lot near Troy’s house finally decided to get acquainted, hopping into Troy’s car and refusing to budge!

Since the cat had claimed him, Troy and his wife Sara Stromseth-Troy named him Dibs. His lovably quirky antics have transformed their lives.

Photo: Max Pixel

Nate Troy, like about 15% of the world, is allergic to cats — but he knew it would be worth the hassle to have Dibs around.

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Plus, the family has a screened porch that gets plenty of natural airflow, allowing Dibs a safe and snug place to hang out, with Troy or alone.

Good morning!

Posted by Dibs the #SnowKitty on Monday, August 23, 2021

While Dibs is a big fan of his family, his absolute favorite thing in the world is snow.

“That first winter, Dibs played outside in the snow for hours, frolicking, leaping and having the time of his life,” Stromseth-Troy told The Dodo. “I have never seen anything like it.”

Because Dibs had gotten into a few scrapes with local strays, the family decided that letting him out to play in the snow would be too big a risk.

Good morning!

Posted by Dibs the #SnowKitty on Monday, August 16, 2021

“He gets easily agitated and we have a lot of stray cats wandering around our neighborhood,” Stromseth-Troy wrote on Facebook.

So, while Dibs could watch from his porch, he still missed the excitement of frolicking in the snow. That’s when Nate decided to bring the snow to him!

Well, look what we have here!

Posted by Dibs the #SnowKitty on Sunday, October 25, 2020

Now, every time they need to shovel their walk, the family brings in a shovel full of snow to the enclosed porch, letting Dibs frolic and play to his heart’s content.

At first, he seemed surprised, then overjoyed to see just how fun it still was to splash around in the cold, even indoors. Thankfully, he’s found not only the perfect family for him, but one willing to go the extra mile to make him happy!

Watch the full video below, or follow Dibs on Facebook!

Dibs the #SnowKitty plays in the snow

Hi! I'm Dibs the Cat, but some people call me #SnowKitty. After this video of me playing in the snow got thousands of 'likes' and 'shares' on Cat Mom's Facebook page, my cat parents decided I am really "all that" and it is beyond time that I have my very own Facebook page. Here is the video that made me famous! My cat parents found me as a stray kitten and took me to their house. They let me stay outside for the first year and I loved it, but I got into some fights with other cats and they were worried I would run away. So, now I am always inside the house. Cat Mom and Cat Dad know how much I miss the snow, so they brought the snow to me!

Posted by Dibs the #SnowKitty on Sunday, November 10, 2019

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