Determination Usually Pays Off! Watch This!

The phrase “Never Give Up” isn’t just words, it’s a way of life. Going through childhood, if we continued to give up, we would never really learn anything. Or accomplish much. And that is why a dog like this one isn’t just a dog, he’s a role model!

Even with this dog’s goofy expressions, mostly due to slow-mo filming (LOL), I am totally inspired by him. A lot of dogs would simply give up and walk away but not this pup! Will it pay off in the end? You’ll just have to see for yourself!

Life hands us challenges, no matter who we are or what we are. Or even what stage we are in, in our lives. Your workday is full of challenges, right? Your home life as well. But we always learn, even when we fail. So don’t be afraid to fail. That’s what I try to remember. Thankfully, we have reminders along the way…like this video! YAY!

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