Meet A Husky Puppy Who’s Determined To Use All Four Legs (On All Four Wheels)

General, a beautiful husky, is a very happy puppy, in spite of his two front legs that pose a challenge due to a deformity. General’s humans love him so very much! His dad is a bomb tech in the military, so for him, having a dog like General was something he really sympathized with because of his military friends with prosthetics.

Dr. Dee, from Alaska Vet on Animal Planet, comes to General’s home with his very first set of wheels. Since he’s a puppy, he will need several devices as a grows, before getting his permanent wheelchair or possibly puppy prosthetics.

His harness is covered in American flags… pretty perfect, huh? As General is strapped in, you can see he’s eager to figure out what this apparatus is all about. In just a few moments, he realizes this thing can help him move! It’s a beautiful sight to see! General, you’re one amazing pup!

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