Denver Aims To Win Over Cat Lovers With Inaugural Cat Expo

Denver may be known as a dog city, but a new feline-forward convention aims to welcome cat lovers into its mountainous fold.

Organizers describe the upcoming Snowcats Cat Convention as “part comic-con, part adoption event” that seeks to unite America’s diverse cat community and create a new platform for needy cats seeking forever homes.

Photo: Flickr/ Jason Scragz

Expect cat-themed costumes and art, live music, adoptable rescues, and Instagram-famous celebrity cats whose adorable antics have achieved some measure of feline fame. The food and drinks will also have a feline-forward bent. Your cat still can’t partake, but bartenders will be serving Meowmosas and Meowgaritas to thirsty humans at the bar!

“I want attendees to go all out, be immersed, and have a great time with their family and friends,” founder Brandon Zavala said in a statement of the upcoming expo, which will be hosted in downtown Denver on Dec. 8 and 9. “They can shop around, learn about our furball friends, adopt kittens looking for a home, and connect with the highly-energetic and super spirited feline community that’s brewing right here in Colorado,” said Zavala.

Photo: Flickr/ Luca (Milano)

“This is an opportunity for us to make Denver not only a dog city, but a cat city, too,” he said. We couldn’t agree more!

Tickets are $15 and (at time of writing) still available on Snowcat’s website. Get your tickets here!

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