Mama Dogs and Puppies Rescued Near Russian Border By Brave Volunteers

Ukraine villages are being bombed daily and while many people have fled the dangerous areas, countless dogs and cats were left behind.

These innocent animals are struggling to find food and shelter for themselves and their young as the war continues. But all hope is not lost.

Courageous volunteers are risking their lives to come to the rescue of abandoned pets.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

April and John, volunteers from Denmark, were joined by other fearless individuals on a rescue mission to save two mama dogs and their puppies. They entered a territory bordering Russia keeping a close eye on the sky for drones.

The rescue was not only dangerous but extremely difficult as the dogs and puppies were terrified and hid when volunteers came close. However, they refused to give up.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

They managed to capture both mamas and fourteen puppies by using food, quick moves, and gentle coaxing. Jessica, one of the mama dogs, was really cooperative and eagerly went with rescuers. John explains in the video below just how smart dogs are.

The dogs were brought to Patron Pet Center who welcomed them with open arms. The team went to work treating the puppies who were sick with enteritis. Sadly, a few passed away.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The remaining puppies have all recovered and are growing big and strong, thanks in part to your donations of nutritious pet food and ongoing support. They are thriving in the innovative center which has a large room called the “gym” where the pups can burn off some extra energy and socialize with people.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Once they have fully recovered, they will all find loving homes abroad. One of the puppies named Rembo will be heading to his new home in Germany in a couple of weeks.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The Patron Pet Center is a safe haven for hundreds of evacuated and rescued pets. The animals are able to relax in the soundproof kennels as they recover physically and mentally from the trauma of war. With new pets arriving daily, the center is full and needs to expand to save more lives.

Join us in helping them build much-needed kennels and a quarantine room by donating below.

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