Deli Clerk Humors A Stray Cat Who Tries To ‘Order’ Food

What do you do when a stray tabby cat walks into your deli looking for some scraps? You treat her like a true customer, of course!

At least, that’s what one man did when a gray tabby cat walked into his store from the streets.

While no one is exactly sure where the cat came from, one thing is sure: She wanted some food.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In a heartwarming video, you can see the cat standing at the deli counter while the man looks down at her. She meows a few times as if to ask for some meat.

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Without hesitation, the deli clerk humors her request and starts showing the cat the various options.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

The cat looks over each item that the clerk shows her, but in the end, she settled for a piece off a large slab of meat. When he held it out for the cat to examine, she lifted her paw just a tad, as if to indicate that she’d chosen that one.

Of course, the kind clerk wasn’t going to tease the cat by just showing her some meat options so he cut off a sample-sized piece and handed it to her.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

The cat gently takes the piece and finally goes down to all four paws to enjoy her winnings.

In many places with a lot of stray cats, they’re not always welcomed so warmly into businesses. It’s nice to see such a kind-hearted clerk helping out an animal in need. Based on the smile on his face, I think it’s safe to say the cat brought him a lot of joy as well.

Watch the video below:

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