Delaware Becomes The First And Only No-Kill Animal Shelter State In The United States

“Across the country, 2000 animals die in shelters every day, with a rate of 2 cats for every dog.”

Delaware is leading the way when it comes to saving and rehoming shelter pets. The state was just recognized by Best Friends Animal Society as the first and only state in the country to be named no-kill.

The animal welfare organization has set a goal of making the entire country no-kill by 2025. At their annual conference they announced the great news and praised Brandywine Valley SPCA for their help to make the state no-kill.

Photos: Facebook/Brandywine Valley SPCA

So what does it take for a state to be named ‘no-kill’? “When every shelter in a community achieves a 90% save rate for all cats and dogs, that community is designated as no-kill,” Best Friends Animal Society states on their website.

Linda Torelli, marketing director of Brandywine Valley SPCA, told CNN, “The Brandywine Valley SPCA has a live release rate of 95% for the more than 14,000 animals a year we intake. Within Delaware, we intake more than 60% of the animals entering shelters and more than four times the next largest shelter, so our policies have had a significant impact on the state becoming no-kill.”

Photos: Facebook/Brandywine Valley SPCA

The SPCA posted on Facebook, “Our strategic relationships focus in states such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, where limited resources and pet overpopulation create obstacles to lifesaving. We not only receive highly adoptable animals that would otherwise be euthanized, we help communities make sustainable change through mentorship and resources.”

Photos: Facebook/Brandywine Valley SPCA

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Animal shelters around the country use many methods to find loving forever homes for their shelter pets. These include: adoption events – like “Empty The Shelters”, galas to raise money, low-cost veterinary services – including free spay and neuter clinics, behavior classes for dogs, and even food pantries to help pets stay with their families.

Photos: Facebook/Brandywine Valley SPCA

Brandywine Valley SPCA works with animal shelters in other states that are over capacity and takes in some of the shelter pets to their shelters to be adopted into loving homes. This year alone the shelter has saved 6,698 shelter pets by finding them loving homes and spayed/neutered 7,265. They are holding a “Clear The Shelter” event this weekend with all adoption fees waived. They even flew in shelter pets from Mississippi in hopes of finding all the pets homes.

“Filling our shelters so we can Clear the Shelters! Yesterday we welcomed 54 dogs from shelters we help in Mississippi with way more puppies than adopters. We’re packing every inch for Saturday, when we waive adoption fees for ALL animals. August is the hardest month for shelters across the country — highest intake, lowest adoptions — so we’re grateful for this opportunity,” posted the shelter.

Photo: Facebook/Brandywine Valley SPCA

Together, we can make the county no-kill by 2025 or even sooner. See where your state falls and what is needed to make it a no-kill state on this map. Remember to adopt not shop, the easiest way to save the lives of shelter pets.

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