Delaware Passes Law To Save Research Dogs From Imminent Death

Laboratory animals suffer and do not know what a loving home is. They are injected or exposed to toxins to benefit humans while living in small cages. When they are no longer needed for research they are killed.

This sad fate has finally changed for dogs in Delaware, thanks to the Beagle Freedom Bill. “The Research Animal Retirement Act” requires research facilities to contact rescue organizations to help adopt out the healthy dogs and cats that are no longer needed for research.


Senator John Walsh and Rescue + Freedom Project worked together to get the bill passed. Rescue + Freedom Project will be helping adopt out the laboratory animals. “This is a simple, common-sense, and compassionate proposal to help rescue dogs and cats from tax-payer funded research laboratories,” states the rescue.


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The mission of the rescue “is to help animals suffering in captivity and give them a chance at freedom.”

The rescue is going to make sure the research facilities abide by the new law and release the animals. After they are released they will be rehabilitated, and experience life for the first time. Each dog will experience grass and a loving pat for the first time. However, they will have a never ending supply for the rest of their lives. They will all find loving homes that will pamper them.


This is one small step in the right direction. The next step is to stop experimenting on animals. Today there are many options to use that are closer to the human body and do not involve harming animals.

Delaware will be the eighth state to enact this law with hopefully many more to follow.

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