This Vet Pulls Over And Drops Everything To Try And Save A Desperate Deer…

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Wildlife Aid is truly an amazing organization. Simon Cowell has been putting his life on the line for a long time, to help animals in need. When he comes across a deer that was hit by a car, he jumps into action to save her.

This doe had cuts on its’ eyes as well as cuts in his mouth that needed to get taken care of immediately. It’s a delicate situation as the veterinarian tries to get the deer off the street, into his car, and into surgery as quickly as possible.

This doe is willing to fight for her life and the moment she shows that she is, brings Simon to tears.

It’s always hard to know what the exact right thing to do is. It’s a fine balance between a successful rescue in the wild, to traumatizing the animal even further. Simon Cowell is a hero for doing his best!

Watch this amazing rescue in the video below!

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