Deers Enjoy Themselves Beneath Cherry Blossom Trees In Japan

Like something out of a fairytale, pictures of deer at Japan’s Nara Park are taking the internet’s breath away. The stunning pictures show the deer peacefully spending time beneath the beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Nara Park has long been a popular tourist destination where many people flock to in order to have photoshoots beneath the beautiful pink cherry blossoms. And we can definitely see why that would be such a strong draw – the background is absolutely gorgeous for photos.

However, because of the current pandemic, Nara Park, like many other places, has been adhering to lockdown restrictions. As a result, the park, which is only a short train trip away from Osaka, has seen a major decrease in traffic. As a result, the park’s deer have been free to roam about amid the cherry blossom beauty undisturbed.

According to the website, Japan Guide, the large park is home to more than a thousand deer. These delicate animals are seen as a “symbol of the city,” therefore they’ve been designated as a natural creature.

Throughout the park, deer crackers are sold in order to feed the animals. As a result, many deer have become accustomed to humans and actually bow to humans as a means of earning food.

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Japan Guide has written that the deer of Nara Park are “surprisingly tame.” However, visitors are still advised not to tease them with food since they can actually get a bit aggressive.

Nara Park has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor, where thousands of reviews have mentioned the deer as being sweet and “friendly” in nature. Although, there was one review that did say in their experience, the deer were quite “hungry and greedy.”

As one review stated, “Make sure to bow at them, as they will bow back (usually if you have food for them). When we got the biscuits a lot of deer did run up to us, so just be aware of that. But they just want your biscuits!”

As fun as feeding deer like a real-life Disney princess sounds, it looks like for now we just have to enjoy them through the pictures of them beneath cherry blossom trees.

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