Wild Deer Lays Down Beside Woman And Lets Her Know She’s Injured

A wild deer, named Eva, and her herd have been known to pass through a family’s yard regularly during their traditional migration. As a result, the deer have become best friends with the humans in the area.

During one particular visit, the family noticed that Eva was hurt:

“Our wild deer friend Eva is the matriarch of her herd, and we live on the herd’s traditional migration area. Over many years the herd has “adopted us” and they greatly appreciate that we don’t care if they eat the clover lawn we planted or any of the other vegetation. Sometimes, when we notice a deer in trouble, we help out.”

Photo: Pexels

“Eva had two large scrapes on her back. Perhaps she ran through the woods and scraped against some low hanging branches. We used the Bach Flower Remedy Rescue Cream on her wounds to help heal them, and to lessen the chance that they would become infected. Since deer love to eat flowers more than almost anything else, we are sure Eva approves of the Rescue Cream.”

Photo: Pexels

It’s pretty incredible to watch a wild animal accept the help of a human. Makes you think twice about how much we are connected with nature.

If you encounter wildlife like deer near your home, it is important to approach the situation with caution and respect for the animals and their natural habitat. First and foremost, maintain a safe distance and do not attempt to touch or feed the deer. Keep in mind that they are wild animals and may perceive human interaction as a threat. It is advisable to observe them from a distance, allowing them to move freely and ensuring your own safety. Appreciating wildlife from a distance and preserving their natural environment is the best way to coexist peacefully with these beautiful creatures.

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