This Company Will Turn Your Deceased Pet Into A Beautiful Pearl

Losing a pet is always tragically painful since it’s basically the same as losing a family member.

Most of us usually either bury our pets in the backyard if they’re small enough, or we get them cremated. But there is a Japanese company that is now offering a fancy new alternative to dealing with your pet’s remains after they’ve passed. And it comes in the form of a pearl necklace.

You can now keep your deceased pet close to you long after they’ve copped it. Credit: PA

Yes, that is correct. This business has actually developed a method of using the bone fragments from your pet in order to create a cultured pearl. That way, you can keep your dog (or cat) by your side well after they’ve passed on.

The entire process takes a year to complete and will cost £3,300, which is about $4,273. It’s pricey but you can’t put a price on true love, right?

The head of the Japanese firm, Tomoe Masuda, spoke to the Japanese news outlet, Yomiuri Shimbun, and said, “If we can soothe the grief of the owners who have lost their pets, we will be glad.”

While cultured pearls are nothing new in Japan, creating them using deceased pets definitely is.

The idea was first conceived by Yoshiki Matsushita, a professor at Nagasaki University’s graduate school of fisheries and environmental sciences, who was left devastated after the loss of his Jack Russell, Ran.

Matsushita said, “Each pearl has its own character, as my dog Ran had his own character. He has become a unique treasure.”

You may be wondering how the process works exactly. Well, a bone fragment from the pet is inserted into a ball of resin, which makes it more likely to be accepted by the oyster.

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Over time, as the balls are cared for and nurtured by the oyster, it will grow big enough to then get turned into jewelry.

Pearls from your pet will set you back £3,300. Credit: PA

But if that doesn’t exactly sound like your cup of tea for immortalizing your precious Fido, then perhaps custom-made slippers in your dog’s likeness would be more suitable?

The company, Cuddle Clones, creates these life-like images of your dog using a simple photograph. They even do cats as well!

However, like the pet pearls, the Cuddle Clones aren’t cheap either. They will set you back £155, which when converted is $200.

So there you have it, two different ways of memorializing your pets after they’ve passed. Personally, for me, I just stick with the cute little ash box and photo from the vet’s office.

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