Deaf Dog Makes Up Her Own ‘Bark’

A video shows a deaf dog attempting her own version of a “bark,” after never hearing one before.

Similar to humans, dogs who are deaf can still make noise. Deaf humans can still talk, and deaf dogs can still bark. However, it might not sound quite the same as coming from someone whose hearing.

Lindsay Kelly knows just how true this is because her dog Reggie, who was born deaf, attempts to bark in the most adorable way. In a TikTok video, Kelly explained that Reggie had never heard barking before, but she could see other dogs barking.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In an attempt to copy the other dogs, Reggie let out her best version of a bark – and it’s so cute!

Kelly explained in the video that she believes Reggie watched the physical act of barking from other dogs and realized it was getting them attention, so she wanted to try it for herself.

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Not only did Reggie’s bark bring in attention from her owner, but from the whole TikTok community as well! After Kelly shared the video online, it received over 2 million views and countless likes.

Photo: TikTok/lind_saymyname

Speaking with The Dodo, Kelly said, “It definitely took me a moment to realize what she was doing. I thought it was a sneeze or cough at first. But when she continued doing it and looking at me as she did, I realized she was trying to communicate.”

As it turns out, Kelly and Reggie can now use her little bark to communicate on a deeper level. The bark alerts Kelly that Reggie wants something and Kelly is able to respond a bit quicker.

Photo: TikTok/lind_saymyname

She told The Dodo that Reggie seems “so proud of herself when she does it.” We’re proud of you too, Reggie!

watch the adorable video below:

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