Deaf And Blind Dog Is Reunited With Her Grandpa After A Year Apart

When we bring a dog into our home, we are doing more than adopting a pet, we are adding a member to the family.

In many cases, it is not only the household that keeps the pet but it is also an extended family that falls in love with the dog and considers them as much family as a son, daughter, brother, or sister.’

That was the case with Bitsy, a five-year-old dog owned by Hayden Kristal. Bitsy is a special dog because she was born both deaf and blind. Hayden’s father, Steve, had strong feelings for Bitsy after she left to move in with Hayden when she was only five weeks old.

Photo: Facebook/Hayden Kristal

Hayden spoke with The Dodo, describing Bitsy as the “sweetest, friendliest, most loving and loyal dog in the world.”

She also says that bitsy loves her grandpa and it’s obvious that the feeling is mutual. Steve showers her with affection, as well as with plenty of treats and toys.

Photo: TikTok/haydenkristal

As is the case with many of our family, Bitsy was missing her grandfather because of the pandemic. Before COVID-19, Steve and Bitsy enjoyed a lot of time together, but now they hadn’t seen each other in a year.

Steve was even nervous that when he did get to reunite with Bitsy in March that she would not recognize him.

Photo: TikTok/haydenkristal

As The Dodo reported, Steve wrote about his concerns on Facebook, saying: “I was a little worried she wouldn’t remember me. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. As soon as I got within scent range, she totally lost her mind with joy. So did I. Once again Bitsy proved that the abilities she has are far more impressive than the ones she’s missing. What a truly amazing and wonderful soul. Maybe you can tell from this video how much we love each other.”

It was a reunion that is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

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