Lonely No More! Outcast Kitten Establishes BFF Status With The Family Dog

When this precious kitten came to live with his new humans something pretty tragic happened. None of the other cats liked him. They would hiss and run away as soon as the kitten approached. How sad is that?!

But then this tragic scenario completely turned around thanks to a superhero dog with superhero patience! Now these two are inseparable! So, no offense other cats but hey, it is kinda your loss!

Not every pet is going to hit it off. Sometimes it takes stages of introduction. Sometimes it takes time. But you don’t have to give up completely so long as they are not trying to hurt each other (and even then there can be solutions you can ask your vet about).

If I’m approached with a question regarding socialization, I turn to my mentor on the subject: Jackson Galaxy! He’s got so many tricks up his sleeves that I’m pretty sure he has to wear like 8 shirts at once! Do you know what else Jackson Galaxy is good at? Raising awareness for homeless animals and shelter animals that need veterinary care. This program is a Jackson Galaxy pick and it hits all the feels.

This program, called Animal Alliance, rescues animals that need immediate medical attention and they’re in a situation where they wouldn’t be able to get help through other channels.

Check it out!


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