Their Legs Were Broken, But Not Their Spirits – How Mitchell And Dash Survived The Racing Industry

One of the world’s oldest breeds, greyhounds have been prized for their beauty and athleticism for centuries. These beautiful dogs are graceful and strong and are known for their loyalty and loving nature. Greyhounds are also the fastest dogs on earth, running at speeds of 45 mph! Unfortunately, it’s this amazing speed that led to the creation of the greyhound racing industry.

The life of a racing greyhound is grim at best. They live in horrible conditions off the racetrack and on the racetrack they’re pushed to perform so hard that they’re often injured, or worse. And although greyhounds typically live 13 or more years, the severe physical punishment from racing wears out their bodies in 18 months to 5 years. If they survive beyond their racing years, they have little chance of a happy life. Thankfully, animal rescue groups are working hard to rescue, care for and find loving homes for these beautiful greyhounds.

Dash, Mitchell's friend, received the same caring treatment at Midwest Greyhound Adoption.
Dash broke his leg during his career as a racing greyhound.


Mitchell and Dash are two such dogs, rescued from the horrors of the racing industry. Both suffered badly broken legs during their racing careers. The severity of their injuries made it impossible for them to race again, and difficult to find a place to live. The first adoption group backed out once they saw pictures of their injured legs. Fortunately, Midwest Greyhound Adoption in Sugar Grove, Illinois stepped in. Without their help, Mitchell and Dash may not have survived.

Like many racing greyhounds, Dash broke his leg on the track.
Like many racing greyhounds, Mitchell also broke his leg on the track.

Once the two dogs reached MGA the veterinarians needed to re-break their legs in order to operate and reset them correctly. Even though the cost was high, they immediately went to work, knowing that these two sweet dogs were worth every penny. They surgically repaired their legs with plates and pins to keep them sturdy like the break never happened. They now need strict daily care to make sure they heal properly, and recovery time is estimated at 2-3 months. They’ll then be ready to find a forever home and finally receive the love and care they deserve!

Dash (left) and Mitchell (right)
Dash (left) and Mitchell (right)

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