Elderly Houston Man Wades Through Floodwaters After Spotting Stranded Dog

When Hurricane Harvey began its assault on the Texan coast, residents began to evacuate in droves. For those who couldn’t make it out in time, the next few days were as life-threatening as they were filled with heartbreak.

Many of the animals left behind wound up lost, or worse, but in more than one instance, caring citizens have extended the umbrella of compassion and taken stranded animals in to their own homes.

Source: Facebook/KPRC2
Source: Facebook/KPRC2

Daniel and Sandra Grumbacher’s neighborhood was under a few feet of water. The elderly couple’s home had seen as many as two to three inches of water an hour during Harvey’s worst moments, Little Things reports. Many of their neighbors had evacuated, which made it all the more surprising to see a lone dog wandering the hills of sandbags that rose above the rapidly rising waters.

Source: Facebook/KPRC2
Source: Facebook/KPRC2

Without hesitation, Daniel crossed the river that was once his street and fetched the dog from his neighbor’s house.

Even in their underwear, the people of Houston are reaching out to help others in need. The last few weeks have brought out some of the most beautiful rescue stories we’ve ever seen, and, according to some, the most beautiful rescuers. Click the button below to read about #RescueBae, who many are hoping will come “rescue” them.

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