Judi Dench Gave Her Goldfish Mouth-To-Mouth To Save Its Life

For most of us pet owners, there is nothing that we won’t do for our pets – especially if it means that you save their life. And Dame Judi Dench is no different, going as far as to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to her beloved goldfish.

The 85-year-old Academy Award winner opened up during a recent How to Wow podcast interview that she once gave her goldfish CPR.

She shared that her goldfish had died and that is when she decided to give it the “kiss of life” saying, “It died when it was a very, very little goldfish.” But after her intervention, the fish survived and even grew, totaling six inches long.

Dench’s saving of her goldfish was back in 2012. At the time, she’d also made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show where she admitted then as well that she’d intervened. On the show, Dench discussed how she was the proud pet mom to four cats, one dog, two guinea pigs, and two fish – one of them being the one that she resuscitated.

Dench said, “I blew in his mouth. I know I shouldn’t have done because he’s got gills.”

She then joked that her fish was renamed Lazarus. And a week after that interview, Dench was happy to report that little Lazarus was still swimming around.

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While there was some speculation as to whether or not the fish was actually dead when she performed the resuscitation, she did share that the reason she went for it was because she had seen a “little flicker” in his tail after fishing him out form the tank. Hence why she saved his life.

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