Even With Deformed Legs And An Underbite, Daisy Is A Star!

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This beautiful, sweet girl doesn’t let anything slow her down. Even with deformed front legs, this girl can move! She has a wheelchair and prosthetics that keep her active and happy. You want to know how I know she’s happy? She’s got the biggest smile, with the cutest underbite. That’s why she’s named Daisy Underbite. Once you meet her, you will be an instant fan! She has a HUGE Instagram following @underbiteunite. And who can blame them, she’s pretty amazing!

Daisy is also a therapy dog. She spends much of her time making others feel better. So, she’s adorable, strong, brave and selfless? Wowzer, that’s some dog! Her life started out in a pretty sad place. She was abandoned on the streets and ended up in the shelter and right on death row (so sad!) Luckily, Daisy was saved by Home 4ever Rescue and then adopted by some pawsome humans.

Don’t you just love stories like this one? ME TOO! YAY for Daisy Underbite!

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