Tiny Puppy Abandoned In A Field Gets A Second Chance At Life

Seeing a homeless dog is pretty sad, but seeing a homeless puppy is even more heartbreaking. Puppies are just getting started in life, and it is so sad to see a puppy already facing a rough start in life.

It takes an especially sad twist when a dog’s lack of a home is due to human interference. As humans, we are supposed to care for and watch over “man’s best friend.”

Unfortunately, not all humans are as kind-hearted and compassionate to do so. There are some who will actually abandon animals as if they don’t matter.

Photo: YouTube/animal rescue TM

For one little puppy, she was definitely facing a very tough start in life after she had been abandoned. The tiny puppy was discarded by some cold-hearted person as if she was garbage, and left to fend for herself all alone in a field.

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In her short life, she was already battling impossible odds. Fortunately, she wasn’t destined to be sad and alone forever.

Photo: YouTube/animal rescue TM

The little pup happened to be found by some people who were passing through, and they stopped to help the tiny pup.

The poor little thing was so relieved that her ordeal was over. The Good Samaritans that stopped to help the little pup quickly fell in love with her, and rather than taking her to a rescue, they took her home!

They documented her recovery journey, and it was incredible to watch how just within a span of 10 days, the puppy – who they named Daisy – ended up making quite the turnaround.

Photo: Max Pixel

She went from this very weak and injured pup to a happy little pooch that likes to frolic and play.

We’re so happy that little Daisy got a chance to live her best life!

Check out the video below:

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