Special Needs Kitten NEEDS A Family. Will Anyone See Beyond Her Disability?

Daisy, a tiny black kitten, was in need of a forever home. She was rescued along with her siblings and brought to the Best Friends Kitten Nursery in Salt Lake City. All of the kittens are very special but Daisy was a bit different.


She wobbles when she walks due to Cerebella Hypoplasia (CH), a condition that affects the central nervous system. Other than walking funny and balance issues, Daisy is quite healthy. But still, shelters and rescuers always worry about animals with special needs. Will they be able to find that perfect home with humans that see them for who they truly are? SPECIAL! And full of love!


You’ll have to watch Daisy’s special video to see what happens but please, always remember, sharing stories like Daisy’s is how we spread awareness about animals with special needs.


Animals with special needs are given up on too often, and many (too many!) are euthanized. Knowing that they still make excellent pets is the first BIG STEP toward changing the general perception, and giving these beautiful animals a beautiful life!

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