All-Terrain Chihuahua Models Latest In Wheel Wear

We met Daffodil when she was just a few months old and now she’s turning a year old! Wow, that went fast! To celebrate her first birthday, her human decided to take her on a hike. How cool is that?! Daffodil needed to be fitted with a wheelchair with larger wheels so she could navigate better on tough terrain. And guess what color her new wheelchair is… PINK! You’ve gotta see this little pup go. She’s amazing!

Daffodil was born a birth defect that inhibited her front legs from fully forming. But that doesn’t stop this little girl.

She’s happy, healthy and well cared for. Doesn’t watching her go make you smile? ME TOO! That tiny body has so much pep. And as she rolls, she totally hops. I adore this dog.

Would you ever consider adopting a dog like Daffodil?

Here’s our first look at this little flower! Daffodil was such a tiny thing and had just been taken in by rescuers. What a lucky girl!

Want to help other pups like Daffodil? You totally can! Here are some amazing programs that don’t cost much. Even a few dollars can go a long way!

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