Dads Who Rock The Animal Kingdom

For many species in the animal kingdom, every day is Father’s Day! No need to wait until June to honor these amazingly cool and responsible dads. Did you know that many animals mate for life and the dad ensures the lives of his offspring? Pretty amazing, huh? Go Dads, Go Dads!

Many people assume that the moms do it all but that isn’t always true. Take a look at some animal dads who are doing an excellent job at keeping their families happy, healthy and safe. And cute, we can’t forget cute! Don’t you just adore penguins? I do too!

These animal dads are rockin’ the animal kingdom and I think we should take a moment to give them a shoutout. YAY Papas!

Animal Trivia Fun Fact: The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” uses every letter of the alphabet. Cool, huh?

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