Creative Dad Brings His Kid’s Drawings To Life As Strangely Adorable Animals

There is a lot of imagination that goes into the drawings of children. Although they may choose many different subjects, it is often animals that tend to be the focus of what they create.

Tom Curtis is a father of two, as well as an artist, and he loves the creativity of his own children. In fact, he has a series on Instagram, “Things I Have Drawn” where he brings those animal drawings to life. He transforms the crayon sketches into three-dimensional figures using Photoshop. It may be bizarre looking, but it is unmistakably adorable.

It was back in 2016 when Curtis began the series. He started to notice how his children, Al and Dom, were putting some unusual features into their artwork. It included both of the eyes and the mouth being on the same side of the head and birds having mouths and beaks separate from each other.

According to MyModernMet, he then began to wonder, “What [would the] world be like if all the things kids drew were actually real, and it was just us stupid adults that weren’t looking hard enough?”

Almost 800,000 people are following his portfolio on Instagram and all types of animals are included. From dolphins with adorable smiles to raccoons with eight legs, you are sure to see something that is both familiar and bizarre at the same time.

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