Dachshunds Defy Size Expectations in Two Viral Pet Ownership Tales

Prospective pet parents often dream of having a small, manageable dog, and miniature dachshunds are a popular choice due to their perceived size and charming demeanor.

A few recent incidents have highlighted an unexpected aspect of owning these pets: they can grow significantly larger than anticipated.

Dachshunds are known for their long bodies and short legs.
Photo: Pexels
Dachshunds are known for their long bodies and short legs.

When Small Becomes Large

Two separate cases, widely discussed on social media, involve women who bought dachshund puppies thinking they would remain small. In both instances, the dogs grew to a size likened to that of a “horse,” vastly surpassing the expected dimensions of a miniature dachshund.

These cases underscore the importance of understanding breed characteristics and potential growth patterns before making a commitment to pet ownership.

This breed is highly intelligent and requires mental stimulation.
Photo: Pexels
This breed is highly intelligent and requires mental stimulation.

The Tale of the Unexpectedly Large Dachshund

In one viral incident, a woman shared her experience with her dachshund puppy on TikTok, going by the handle @goosedoggg. She initially filmed herself with a tiny dachshund puppy, only for the video to transition to a later date, revealing the puppy had grown into a considerably large adult dog.

The owner humorously captioned the post, “I expected a tiny teeny sausage dog… And I got this horse.”

Over 267,000 views and 32,900 likes later, this post is still sparking widespread amusement and discussion among viewers.

Social media users reacted with surprise and shared their own experiences with standard dachshunds, which have lately become less common compared to miniatures.

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Richmond: The Miniature That Wasn’t

Another case involves a woman who bought a dachshund puppy named Richmond, believing it to be of the miniature variety.

Documented on her TikTok page (@richmond_sausage), she showcased the transformation of Richmond from a nine-week-old puppy to his size on his first birthday, which was strikingly larger than expected. Despite the unexpected growth, the owner expressed affection for Richmond, stating she “wouldn’t change my cumberland sausage for the world.”

Other TikTok users responded with their stories, revealing a common trend of ‘miniature’ dachshunds growing larger than anticipated. One user mentioned their dog reaching 14kg, significantly more than the typical weight for a mini.

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These interactions could indicate a widespread misconception or underestimation of the growth potential of dachshunds labeled as miniatures.

The Reality of Dachshund Sizes

Dachshunds come in two primary sizes: standard and miniature. As WebMD reports, standard dachshunds can grow up to nine inches tall and weigh as much as 32 pounds. In contrast, miniature dachshunds typically do not exceed five inches in height and 11 pounds in weight. However, these are general guidelines, and individual growth can vary significantly.

The breed comes in two sizes: standard and miniature.
Photo: Pexels
The breed comes in two sizes: standard and miniature.

Expert Insights on Dachshund Growth

The American Kennel Club (AKC) points out that dachshunds, regardless of size, are intelligent, vigilant, and possess a notable bark. They were initially bred for hunting, which contributes to their brave and sometimes stubborn nature.

Despite their size, dachshunds can be effective watchdogs, reports Hill’s Pet Nutrition. This breed’s unique appearance and endearing nature have made them a favorite in the United States, ranking on the Forbes list of most popular dog breeds.

Dachshunds are ranked as the 10th most popular dog breed in the U.S. by the AKC.
Photo: Pexels
Dachshunds are known for being courageous, sometimes to the point of rashness.

What Potential Owners Should Know

When considering a dachshund, it’s crucial to research and understand the breed’s characteristics. Prospective owners should be prepared for the possibility of larger-than-expected growth. Additionally, adopters should be flexible and willing to accommodate their pet’s needs, regardless of size.

Whether a dachshund grows to the size of a standard breed or remains within the expected dimensions of a miniature, the commitment to care and nurture remains paramount.

Choosing a pet is a significant decision, fraught with uncertainties and surprises. The journey with a dachshund, miniature or not, can be filled with joy, challenges, and unexpected developments. By being well-informed and open-hearted, you can navigate these surprises and forge a lasting bond with your four-legged companions.

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