Dachshund Rescued From Small Drain Pipe

A year-and-a-half-old miniature long-haired dachshund got caught in a drain pipe for nearly 20 hours after chasing after a rabbit.

Khaleesi is a trained hunting dog, and was engaging in a training session with her dad, Emilio Ramos, one Saturday in November. While working on her skills in tracking animals, Khaleesi chased after a rabbit.

Then her perilous adventure began.

The rabbit squeezed into a small drain pipe, with Khaleesi hot on its heels — but then the dachshund got stuck while the rabbit scampered away.

Photo: ABC 7

Emilio and his wife, Kristie, tracked Khaleesi to the drain pipe by using the tracker she had attached to her collar. They then tried to free their pup, but to no avail.

“I felt like her collar with the transmitter was preventing her from going anywhere really trapped,” Kristie said, “and I was really trying to hold my tears in and my voice, so she wouldn’t sense it.”

Photo: ABC 7

When they couldn’t free Khaleesi themselves, they contacted their local fire department. Secaucus Fire Department’s Rescue Company 1 and Ladder Company 1 arrived on the scene and tried to free Khaleesi. However, she was somehow stuck in a vertical position in the pipe, which they didn’t realize until they drilled down into it.

This made removing her even more difficult. And on top of that, the retaining wall wasn’t stable, and the firemen worried that it would collapse — not only endangering Khaleesi’s life, but theirs as well.

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Photo: ABC 7

Since it was dark, the terrain was rough, and the strength of the wall was questionable, they decided to leave Khaleesi overnight, and return during daylight the next day if she didn’t wriggle free herself.

The Ramoses reluctantly left their dog overnight.

“It was the worst feeling in the world, knowing we couldn’t do anything,” Emilio said. “Neither one of us really slept.”

Photo: ABC 7

Khaleesi was still alive in the morning, crying and whimpering, and still stuck in a vertical position.

Firefighters extracted her by using a camera to see exactly where she was, and using the Jaws of Life to carefully split the pipe open. Then the hardest part: digging around the tunnel while listening to Khaleesi’s heartbreaking cries.

Photo: ABC 7

Finally, after almost 20 hours trapped in the pipe, Khaleesi was freed.

The Ramos family was beyond relieved to have their girl back safe and sound.

Learn more about this incredible rescue in this video!

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