Cyclist Rescues Puppy Dumped On The Roadside And Gives Him A Forever Home

A professional cyclist rescued an abandoned puppy from the side of the road and then went on to adopt him.

Pablo Villamayor and his wife, Annie Dietze, were training for cycling along a road in Paraguay when they noticed something unusual. In front of them, they saw a car pull over and toss a small bag into the bushes before speeding away.

Rather than continue cycling, the couple decided to investigate and that’s when they learned the heartbreaking truth: The car had discarded a tiny, helpless puppy.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While some people are sadly so cruel, Villamayor and Dietze are big animal lovers, with Dietze even being a vegetarian. They didn’t hesitate to stop their training to make sure he was ok.

According to The Dodo, Villamayor said, “We realized that it was a dog. He emerged from the bag and came running toward us, crying. We stopped.”

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Thankfully, The Dodo reported that the puppy was understandably quite upset but seemed to be in good health and didn’t require immediate veterinary care.

Seeing as the puppy appeared healthy and fine, Villamayor and Dietze made the decision to take the puppy to safety themselves. Villamayor secured the little pup to his handlebars before starting to slowly pedal home.

Photo: Instagram/villamayor_pablo
Photo: Instagram/villamayor_pablo
Photo: Instagram/villamayor_pablo

After some thought, the couple decided that fate had put that puppy into their lives and they were going to do all they could to protect him. So, they decided to give her a permanent home where he would be loved and cared for like he deserved.

Photo: Instagram/villamayor_pablo

Villamayor also revealed to The Dodo that they named the little pup Lorenzo.

Dietze shared a photo of little Lorenzo on her Instagram story getting quite comfortable at home. It seems he’s struck up a friendship with their kitten! How cute!

Photo: Instagram/anniedietzereck

Sometimes terrible things happen at the right place and the right time and heroes can step in and save the day. You can follow Lorenzo’s heroes on Instgram, @villamayor_pablo and @anniedietzereck.

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