Influencer’s Twitter Dare Turns Into Adorable Cat Snap Contest

It started with a tweet from @DonutOperator, and evolved into a avalanche of adorable.

“My cat is cuter than yours fight me,” posted the self-professed “YouTuber, Twitch partner, former police and SWAT officer, veteran, gamer, and food and beer lover.”

No fights erupted as a result of his post, but the suggested “cat cuteness contest” has since drawn responses from pet parents around the world. Submitted snaps of cute kittens and cats have been compiled by Bored Panda, but a collection like this deserves to be shared far and wide.

There are so many to consider, but we think the following are becoming fast favorites:

How about this precious pair?

Good thing this cat can’t read…or can she?

::Adorable brooding intensifies::

Maybe this feline wasn’t ready for the camera.

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It’s quite obvious, this one wasn’t

Boo caught me sleeping.

OK, now this is adorable.

There’s a cat under all that fur, somewhere.

This chonker deserves a treat!

And a few dogs for good measure.

It’s not clear who won this impromptu cuteness contest, but having a thread to peruse whenever you need a “squee” is a win in our book, especially when people continue to add to it.

Will your furry friend show up in the contest? Post your pics and send us a message! There’s no such thing as too much cuteness!

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