Curly-haired cat is now an officially recognized breed

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The Selkirk Rex has finally been declared an official cat breed. It may have taken scientists a while to come to this conclusion, but cat lovers and breeders have already considered Selkirk Rex to be a breed one for more than 20 years. Unlike other felines in the Rex family, the Selkirk has normal-length curly hair and isn’t inclined to go bald like its cousin, the Cornish Rex. The official naming of this cat breed followed a complete genetic analysis to ensure that it was not a subtype of another breed. The Selkirk Rex lineage all started when a curly-haired feline that was rescued from a shelter mated with a Persian.

According to the scientists who analyzed the cat’s DNA, the breed came into being through a spontaneous genetic mutation that caused the curly hair. After nine generations, it became evident that the mutation was autosomal dominant and present in all generations of this particular cat. Since the gene is dominant, only one copy of it is needed for the kittens to be born with curly hair. This fluffy kitty is widely popular around the world and is hard to resist cuddling with!

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