A Trio Of Rescued Baby Monkeys Love To Cuddle

If this trio of baby monkeys cuddling doesn’t make you smile, I’m not sure anything will. I’m so happy to know that these little babies were rescued after being found without a mama. They are now being cared for, and loved, at a wild life sanctuary in India sponsored by Wildlife S.O.S.

Here are some cool baby monkey facts:

When baby monkeys are born, they are often a totally different color than the rest of the monkeys in their community. This helps them stand out so that they can be cared for. Their coloring will then change to match their parents at around 6 months of age.

Like human infants, baby monkeys cannot get around on their own and need to be carried by an adult, usually their mother.

Baby monkeys learn fine motor skills by playing with one another.

A monkey is considered an adult at around 18 months old.

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