This Cute Face Hides A Secret Breeders Don’t Want You To Find Out

We live in a society where we base a lot of stock on appearance. To fuel things even more, many people tend to operate their business solely to make money. This has led to irresponsible breeding, and irresponsible breeding has led to significant health problems in dogs and cats. Sadly, this is what has happened to Cuda. Cuda is one of 17 dogs in the whole world who suffers from Short Spine Syndrome.


Short Spine Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that has resulted from inbreeding. Many breeders mate siblings together, or offspring with parent, to achieve an overall pleasing look with certain markings or size. This ambition has led to many health problems, some rare and some quite disastrous.


Short Spine Syndrome gives the dog an appearance of a humped back due to a slope developed by the ligaments being too short and fused together. This also causes a bobbed tail and no neck. These dogs have problems turning their heads, making eating a challenge. If cared for properly, dogs who suffer from the disorder can live a good life. However, it will always be a challenging one.

Cuda surprises her humans every single day with her determination and go get it attitude. She may be different but that just makes her even more special!

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