Meet Angela Nunez and Her Horse Sugar Maple, a Dynamic Yoga Duo

When yogi Angela Nuñez of Middlesburg, Virginia, attended college in 2007, she practiced yoga to relieve stress. She fell in love with yoga and decided to make it her professional goal to teach others how to achieve inner peace. The young lady also loves horses, and she thought about combining her two passions back in 2012. These amazing pictures are the result of her remarkable experiences.

Posing with Snowy


Nuñez poses on top of her trusty horse, Snowy. Her current horse the grandson Sugar Maple, her horse that originally inspired her to perform yoga on horseback.

Two Hands and a Shoulder


Some poses show Nuñez with just two hands and a shoulder on Snowy’s back.



Other yoga stances has the young lady standing upright on the back of Snowy in perfect balance.



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A few different poses involve Nuñez kneeling on Snowy.

New Barn


In June 2016, the yogi found a new barn for Snowy and her yoga studio reached new heights.



The contemplative yoga stances let Nuñez achieve harmony on horseback. While on top of snowy, she wears a riding helmet.

Bareback or a Small Saddle


Snowy either has a small saddle or goes bareback during yoga sessions.

Best Friends


Snowy and her human are best friends, which is a perfect combination when practicing yoga on horseback.

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