8 Tips For Better Productivity When Working From Home With a Feline Co-Worker

Working from home so you can spend all day with your beloved cat may seem like a dream, but your feline friend can make your productivity take a serious hit. Try these tricks to help minimize your cat’s distracting actions and maximize the time you can spend together.

Create a Routine


Setting up a daily routine can help motivate you and tell your cat that it’s time for you to go to work. This can be as simple as feeding breakfast or giving a treat before you sit down at your desk.

Provide a More Appealing Bed


Cats love to sit on keyboards and anything else you’re working on, so provide a better alternative close to your desk. Experiment a bit to find the bed that your cat likes best, whether it’s a soft blanket or a cardboard box.

Distract Your Cat


Turnabout is fair play, so do your best to provide distractions to keep your cat from bugging you. A bird feeder outside the office window can keep your cat engaged. Many cats also like to play with houseplants, so consider placing a few non-toxic ones on your desk.

Cuddle or Play During Breaks


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Dedicate a few minutes during each break to give your cat cuddles or playtime. Your cat may learn the routine and only ask for cuddles during this time, plus it’s a great stress reducer for you.

Team Up With Another Cat


If your cat is particularly rambunctious or affectionate, consider getting a buddy. Two cats often snuggle and play together, giving you more time to work.

Remove Temptations


If you’re snacking, be sure to choose a food that your cat finds unappealing. Otherwise, you’ll spend too much time chasing your cat away from your meal.

Annoy Your Cat


Most pet owners know the exact steps they can take to send their cats running for the hills, whether that is blowing on their ears, forcing hugs or breaking out the grooming tools. Use those harmless but unpleasant techniques when you really need some undisturbed time.

If All Else Fails, Give Up and Snuggle


Sometimes your cat may just be too persistent. On those days, it may be time to resign yourself to lowered productivity and enjoy some quality time with your feline friend.

Keep Your Sense of Humor


Working with cats can be exasperating at times, but it is also quite rewarding. Reward your feline coworker for a job well done with this adorable catnip toy.

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