Favorite outdoor winter activities with animals

Winter might generally be a time of cold and snow, but it doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself and your pet inside for months at time. If you keep your four-legged friend warm, it doesn’t hurt anything to get out in the fresh crisp air. Here are some of our favorite outdoor winter activities to do with animals.

1. Sledding

Sledding is fun for anybody: human or dog. Just find yourself a nice hill and strap you and your pet in for the ride of your dog’s life.

2. Hiking

It’s never too cold to hike. Plus, when the snow gets too deep you can strap on a pair of snowshoes and go snowshoeing instead. The question is, do they have little snowshoes for dogs?

3. Making a Snowman

Everybody wants to build a snowman. The best kind are the joint endeavors between a man, or woman, and his dog.

4. Making Snow Angels

Making snow angels, of both the human and pet variety, is a great winter choice. Usually there’s plenty of snow and a cozy place to warm up later.

5. Skijoring

Yes, skijoring is really a thing. You strap on the skis, get your leash, and have your dogs take you for a ride. It’s good exercise for all involved.

6. Playing Fetch

As long as there are sticks or balls, you can always play fetch outside. Also, it helps your dog burn off some excess energy.

7. Dog Sledding

Dog sledding makes a great winter activity, especially if you have a whole pack of dogs sitting around. Plus, it’s a convenient way to get around in feet of snow.

8. Having a Snowball Fight

It’s like fetch with snowballs. Be forewarned: you’ll likely end up being wrestled to the ground by your dog.

The cold shouldn’t keep you and your pet from getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. Besides, frolicking in freshly fallen snow is cathartic, for both man and beast.

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