The Perfect Pairing: Drinking Wine and Rescuing Dogs — Together at Last!

Rescuing dogs can be hard work, so shelter workers deserve a toast at the end of the day. Now, thanks to the innovative pairing of a winery and an animal rescue, you can raise a glass and help dogs in need at the same time.

Diageo Chateau and Estates is a winery located in central California. The winemaker, Marty Spate, has been a dog lover since his childhood days on his family's vineyard, where he spent his time with a beloved Great Dane named Duke. This love of dogs and wine inspired him to team up with the North Shore Animal League America, or NSALA, to create Chateau La Paws.


Chateau La Paws is a unique label designed to raise both awareness and funds to save dogs in need. The labels features 28 adorable shelter dogs of different ages, breeds and sizes to show the diversity of shelter dogs and encourage people to consider adoption. Buyers can choose between chardonnay, pinot noir and a red wine blend, each with different dogs gracing the labels. Chateau La Paws also donated $100,000 to NSALA and continues to work with them on fundraising and awareness campaigns.

NSALA uses this support both to save individual dogs and to help reduce neglect, abandonment and overpopulation in the community at large. Its SpayUSA program provides low-cost spay and neuter for low-income owners around the country, and it helps support local shelters as well. In addition, it is the largest no-kill shelter in the world and has saved over 1 million animals since it was founded in 1944.


Chateau La Paws wines are available in stores nationwide. Chateau La Paws also asks people to share their own shelter dog stories to help raise awareness of these special animals.

With so many animals in need, innovative programs like Chateau La Paws are a great way to get the word out. You can help even more pets in need by sending care packages to shelter dogs.

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