Top 10 Weirdest Animal Behaviors!

Animals can be absolutely breathtaking, but sometimes, they’re just downright weird. Here are 10 of those times when animals just act weird.

1. Fainting Goats

These goats have muscles that freeze for 10 seconds when they panic, so they’re basically the opposite of clutch.

2. Pitcher Plants Provide an Echo Chamber for Bats

In return, the plant gets bat droppings which it uses as fertilizer. What a trade.

3. Zebra Finches Have Funny Reproductive Habits

If the female thinks her mate is ugly, she lays a slightly bigger egg, which has extra nutrients that she hopes help out the father’s bad genes.

4. Horned Lizards Spray Blood as a Defense Mechanism

That’s weird enough, but guess where they spray it? Out of their eyes.

5. Mole Rats Are Quite the Athletes

Naked, blind and living in darkness, the mole rat is somehow able to run as fast backwards as it can forwards, which is kind of impressive.

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