Happy Ending: After Dog’s Sad Plight Goes Online, Strangers Vie to Adopt Him from High-Kill Shelter

It’s no picnic being a shelter dog, but one shelter resident found his plight particularly hard to endure. March became depressed after being forced to remain at a Philadelphia shelter due to a failed adoption. After his story went viral on social media, however, things quickly turned around for this sad pooch. There’s nothing worse than feeling rejected, and March, a pit bull mix, must have felt awful about the lost opportunity to permanently leave shelter life. It’s not known what went wrong with his rescue adoption, but the effect on his mental state was dire. Images of March staring mournfully at a gray wall aroused public sympathy. The images were posted to Facebook by local news reporter Dawn Timmeney.


Timmeney went to bat for March by sharing his story and encouraging her Facebook readers to share it with their social networks. March is one of many stray dogs who found himself caged at ACCT Philly, a city animal shelter. One of the shelter’s animal control officers found him on a porch adjacent to an alley. Shelter workers noted his sweet personality. Apparently March enjoys snuggling. The once-happy dog acquired a cold, then became deeply depressed after losing the opportunity to have a family. The dejected pooch spent several days doing nothing much, except staring at the wall with his head down.


Fortunately, Timmeney’s short story about this good boy spread like wildfire. Several online news sites shared his story with their readers. Offers of help began pouring in from caring animal lovers. Thanks to the immense amount of media attention, ACCT Philly is once again saying goodbye to this handsome dog. A no-kill rescue shelter is taking him away from danger and into a protective environment. Offers of adaption are also pouring in. March is a lucky dog, and he is well on his way to a better life. Unfortunately, many dogs currently living at ACCT Philly are headed for an unhappy ending. The high-intake city shelter regularly euthanizes strays like March. To stem the tide of suffering, many animal lovers rescue stray dogs and cats from crowded shelters, and often, just in the nick of time. To read more of these uplifting tales of rescue, click here.

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