Is Your Pet Protected? August Is Pet Vaccination Month

Our pets are like members of the family. We love and pet them to show they are cared for on a daily basis. We walk them and feed them to ensure they have the nutrients and exercise they need to thrive and survive. Just as we care for the medical needs of our family members, we also need to ensure our pets are getting the medical care they deserve that protects them from disease and infections with vaccinations.

August has been declared as Immunization Month by the American Veterinary Medical Association, serving as a yearly reminder that pets need up-to-date vaccinations to keep them healthy and free from contagious diseases. Without vaccinations, your pet can easily contract diseases that are airborne and passed on from other animals, explains the American Humane Association.


According to WebMD, pet vaccinations are distinguished in two ways: core pet vaccines that are recommended for all pets; and noncore vaccines that provide extra precautions for pets who are boarded or spend significant time outdoors. It is important to keep a clear and concise schedule of needed vaccinations for your pet, just as you would for a child. Common vaccinations for dogs include the rabies vaccination that requires a yearly booster, distemper and parvovirus. Your vet may also recommend a canine hepatitis vaccination, flu shots and vaccinations for kennel cough.

Unfortunately, many families forgo vaccinations for their pets because they cannot afford the annual shots and boosters. That, or they do not think the vaccinations are vital for the animal’s health. Vaccinations save lives, just as rescuing an animal from mistreatment saves lives.

Want to protect a shelter dog from life-threatening yet preventable diseases? Consider donating to provide a shelter dog with vaccinations—a gift that will not only save lives but also increase chances of being adopted.

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