Creative Uses for Pet Hair!

Controlling pet hair in your home can feel like an endless slog of sweeping and vacuuming, but there are ways to have a little fun with it. If you find yourself buried under mountains of pet hair, consider these unusual ideas.


Spin It Into Yarn

Knit yourself a sweater or hat made at least partially out of your own pet’s hair. The best way to get hair for this is while grooming your pet, as it requires large amounts.


Stuff a Pillow

Fluffy, insulated pet hair makes great pillow stuffing. Make a throw pillow or, if you’re really ambitious, make your pet a bed filled with her own hair.


Compost It

Believe it or not, pet hair can make great fertilizer. It takes a long time to break down, so compost it rather than just spreading it in your garden.


Keep Pests Away

Okay, so spreading it on the soil helps, too. Cat hair can keep rodents away from your vegetables, because it smells like a predator.
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