An Unexpected Dog Rescue Device

What would you do if you saw a dog drowning and you didn’t know how to swim? One young man was put in that very situation, and he came up with an ingenious way to save the animal’s life.Sarwan Singh, a 28-year old Sikh living in Punjab, India, was driving down the street when he saw a group of people gathered around a canal. He stopped to see what was going on and was disturbed to see a dog struggling in the water, and no one stepping in to help. The steep canal banks were slippery and dangerous, but despite the fact that he does not know how to swim, Singh snapped into action.


He removed his turban, which devout Sikhs wear as part of their religious observances, and had one of the bystanders hold onto one end of the long cloth as he held onto the other end and carefully walked down to the edge of the canal. Once down there, he used another part of his turban to help the dog out of the water. The frightened pup struggled and attempted to swim away, but Singh was eventually able to get the cloth around the animal’s neck and pull it to safety. Once out of the water, he fed the dog some biscuits to calm it down before letting it go on its way, shaken and soaked but unharmed.


Singh told interviewers that some people around him were shocked and believed that his actions disrespected his religion, but he felt it was more important to save the dog’s life. Sikhs typically take a nonviolent and kind approach towards animals, and one of the founders of the faith, Sri Guru Har Rai Ji, even set up animal hospitals in the 17th century due to his love of animals.Sarwan Singh showed remarkable courage by fearlessly saving a drowning dog, but it doesn’t take an exciting rescue to be a hero. You can save animals in need by donating to provide food for hungry shelter pets.

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