Tuna the Chiweenie Has the Most Adorable Smile!

Tuna is a chiweenie, and he has the most unique smile anyone may ever see on Instagram. He’s a chihuahua/dachshund mix (hence the “chiweenie”), and he always grins because of a permanent overbite. More importantly, his fans know this pooch has a big heart and winning attitude that shows through his adorable photos posted by his owner, Courtney Dasher. Dasher’s hope is that every photo brings joy to people’s heart.

Party Animal

Tuna knows how to party with his canine companions as he gets ready to snarf down his birthday cake.

Road Tripping

Tuna loves road trips, whether he’s in a car, on a train or in a piece of luggage.

Smile for the Cameras


This dog’s smile is so well known, people draw fan art of it.

All Dressed Up

Tuna, just like every other dog on the internet, dresses up to impress his fans.

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