Tips for Traveling Cross-Country With Dogs

Hit the Road With Jack, Patches and Mr. Fluffy Using These Travel Pointers
Traveling With Dogs? Here’s a Checklist to Make It Easier

Are you planning a big road trip and hope to take your dogs with you? Or maybe you need to make a big move from one city or state to another, and your canine companions travel better in the car. Here are some checklist items to implement to ensure your trip is as smooth and anxiety-free as possible.

Include at Least One Human Travel Companion On the Trip


When traveling with dogs, always plan to take a human companion with you, as well. Long trips are unpredictable, and there is always a possibility for sickness from bad food or other issues that potentially prevent you from being able to drive. You don’t want to be stranded by yourself when you need to also focus on the health and well-being of your dogs.

Research Your Destinations Ahead of Time


When traveling to another country, such as Canada and Mexico, research any laws in place focused on transporting animals across the border. For trips that require a stay in a hotel or rented room, call several options ahead of time to check pet policies and restrictions. Pocket Pittie in the City recommends finding a website or guide with dog-friendly hotel listings and find reviews online from others who brought their dogs into the hotel. Ask for a first floor room, and bring in dog beds, food dishes, toys and anything you need to secure your dog, such as tie-downs and leashes.

Keep Pups Safe in the Car


Set up a secure place for the dogs inside of the car, including safety harnesses, kennels and backseat barriers to prevent sudden shifting or a rogue dog climbing into your lap as you drive. PETA suggests using a window guard for dogs that like to ride with the windows down. The guard prevents eye trauma and keeps your dog securely inside the vehicle at all times. Avoid traveling with your dogs in the bed of a truck, as sudden stops easily jolt dogs out of the bed and the sun exposure creates a hot truck bed floor.

Keep Pups Comfy in the Car


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In addition to their safety, consider your dogs comfort level, as the bumpiness of a car often causes anxiety or stress. Give dogs access to a nest that includes bedding and blankets so they get to cuddle up and rest. Bring along their favorite toys and busy bones or bully sticks to occupy their attention. Add shades to the side and back windows and run the air conditioner to keep dogs cool throughout the trip.

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